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Content Marketing

Produce Digital Content

To have an effective online presence you will need to build up your own portfolio of digital resources such as profile pictures, images needed for posts and blogs, LIVE streamed broadcasts, Social selling and social shopping, video content of products and promotions and personal assets such as introduction videos.  It is no longer ok to use stock images and video, you need to stand out and be unique. 

They need to be of sufficient quality to stay "on brand" and many time need to be filmed by professionals in the appropriate environment such as a studio or location.

build your online production assets

YOURFIX Showreel - April 2018

Take a look at some of the work we have done as content marketing digital assets.  we can then use these assets across a number of channels and marketing campaigns.  This showreel covers a period of the last few years and some notable older content.  Some of it was shot for inhouse use by us and some was for clients.

LIVE Streaming Social Broadcasting


Live Streaming

An example of content marketing using LIVE streaming that really works is our broadcasts of Ray McVinnie who is an internationally known celebrity chef and former judge of the New Zealand TV series of MasterChef.

You can see more of our live streams on Facebook and Youtube.

You can see more of Ray McVinnie's live streams on his Facebook page and visit his website to see his recipes.

You can see the sponsorship of the show through the overlay of the Bite NZ logo on screen.  You can take advantage of this opportunity for sponsorship by contacting us.

Video Advertising

Video For Digital Assets

Another example of digital asset creation for content marketing is making short video content that can be used for advertisements within social media such as Facebook and Youtube.

We recently produced 8 children's videos for Judi Cranston from kindyRock.  These were filmed on location in a theatre and showcased the kids singing along with a backing track.  Once edited, these short songs were uploaded to the kindyRock Youtube channel as well as used in Facebook advertising campaigned to boost the number of subscribers to the kindyRock channel.


Video Advertising For Instagram

We worked with Saatchi & Saatchi NZ to LIVE stream a Kenwood cooking demonstration with New Zealand nutritionist Claire Turnbull.  The product demonstrated was the Multipro Sense FPM810.  Once that was finished, 3 x 15 second adverts were made to be used in Instagram stories as well as Facebook stories.  They are also suitable for pre-roll Youtube advertising. 

Product Videos


Show Off Your Products Effectively

Whether you run an ecommerce website or you sell directly from social media, one of the most effective ways to market your products is to use videos for each of them.  Shooting a demonstration video for a product can show it off in a real world situation as well as giving you content that can be utilised right across every social media channel AND embedded into your website.

By adding the product videos directly into the product page, every visitor can see your product in the best possible light and by introducing them to how to use your product, you remove additional barriers to sale.  We have the stats, video content converts higher than text and images only.

Promotion And Advertising

build your online digital platform

Reach Your Audience Effectively

Once you have your platform built and your content ready you need to promote yourself the the world.  One of the best ways to do this is through targeted Facebook advertising along with boosting those posts to reach a targeted audience.

We utilise as many social channels as possible to spread your message out to your intended audience.  One of the many things people say of our clients is that "You guys are just EVERYWHERE".  It looks accidental but believe me, it is very intentional and we can do that for you and your brands, services and products too. 

Social Media Marketing

We believe to take advantage of social media effectively, you must take a 360 degree/holistic approach.  There must be a cohesion to your strategy and the social media posts you make on the various platform such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIN need to reflect not only your overall brand guideline, they must also "Go Somewhere".

Rather than posting lots of content for the sake of numbers, we design a customer journey pipeline that will measure and reflect a reals customers journey through your sales funnel, allowing us to concentrate the right amount of content as well as the messaging in the content to achieve maximum conversion to the next stage of the pipeline.

It's important to keep the customer as the focus of this journey through the sales funnel, which is exactly what we do.  Each social media marketing touchpoint is designed to keep the prospective customer in your sales funnel, moving them closer and closer to the final destination of a sale.

yourfix social media marketing

Understanding Advertising And Promotion

facebook ads

Facebook Advertising

We spend the time to understand your objectives, then we build targeted Facebook advertising campaigns that will maximise the exposure for you and your brand as well as maximising the return on investment (ROI) to build results.

Each series of ads will have a direct correlation to your brand message and the content we use - the digital assets such as video, live streams, graphics, images and photos - will reflect your message as well as helping to guide the prospective customer to the end goal of purchase or conversion, depending on the KPIs of the advertising campaign.


Youtube and Google Advertising

Because we utilise a majority video content and LIVE streaming - which we like to call Social Broadcasting - we obviously believe one the most effective advertising platforms you can be on is Youtube along with the Google display network and Google search.

By shooting your content with specific targets in mind, you can choose between Direct response advertising and Brand Recognition digital assets.

We maintain your strategy should be to appear in as many touchpoints to the potential customer as possible.  This why we recommend multiple advertising platforms to be as ubiquitous as possible. 

Other Advertising Options

Other options include display advertisements through specific channels such as Doubleclick for Publishers which is essentially still Google Ad Manager.  We also recommend dealing with New Zealand companies such as Mediaworks, NZME. and Fairfax/Stuff to place campaigns through their digital platforms such as The New Zealand Herald, Stuff.co.nz and Bite.co.nz

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