Volvo Ocean Race Stoneleigh Winemaker Monique Bradley Interview

Monique Bradley interviews the winemaker from Stoneleigh Jamie Marfell at the Stoneleigh Courtyard.

The Stoneleigh Courtyard has been set up for the focal point for the public to come and get involved in the New Zealand arm of the Volvo Ocean Race.  The Volvo Ocean Race will be in Auckland from 25th February until the 18th March 2018.

While visiting the opening of the Stoneleigh Courtyard, Monique Bradley had the chance to interview the winemaker from Stoneleigh wines Jamie Marfell.  Take a look at the video as Jamie explains to Monique the purpose of the Stoneleigh Courtyard and his favourite wine and why.

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Monique Bradley is a TV host and presenter and has her own LIVE streamed weekly show.

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