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Monique Bradley Being Kind To Yourself

Monique Bradley Being Kind To Yourself

This video, presented by Monique Bradley discusses ways to be kinder to yourself and WHY.

Monique Bradley (BA) was first published at the age of 12 and is a multi award winning actor, singer, children’s entertainer and MC and has delivered lectures in the power of conscious language choices, communication styles, the benefits of storytelling for early childhood development and educates people in learning about their own personality strengths.
Monique is also a spokesperson for the website www.depression.org.nz

Monique and partner Pete Ward are the creators of the GET A LIFE platform – a website designed to help those who are interested in writing their new life story, just like they did.

Here’s a brief overview:
Todays topic is Tenderness: speak gently to yourself.
Cherish the child within.
Most people I work with, train or talk to are often kinder on other people than they are to themselves! Why is it that being kinder to ourselves seems to be the one thing that’s often neglected or something we may even feel guilty about doing?
Being kind to yourself in everyday life is one of the best things you can do for yourself. You’ll start to notice that life will become lighter and your relationships will most likely improve.
You will feel happier overall. And your self-esteem and your inner sense of self worth and personal empowerment will flourish!
To make positive changes in your life, try one new habit and notice the difference. One habit at a time is the easiest to implement and if you did one a week, that would be 52 new kindness towards yourself behaviours by the end of the year!

So you could try some of these suggestions:
1. Have some ME time.
2. Conquer the inner monsters.
3. Find happiness in simplicity.
4. Unwind tonight.
5. Having a challenging day? Take one conscious step to notice something positive.
6. If you stumble, be your own best friend
7. Take a laugh-break.
8. Break the loop!
9. Remember the WHY:
I have a list that you can download of great tips to be kinder to you. Remember, the best results come from 1 habit at a time, so take your pick, give yourself a break and your happiness accelerate!

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