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Monique Bradley Finding Happy VLOG Love And Happiness

Monique Bradley Finding Happy VLOG Love And Happiness

This video, presented by Monique Bradley discusses the relationship between love and happiness and the power of focussing on LOVE!

Monique Bradley (BA) was first published at the age of 12 and is a multi award winning actor, singer, children’s entertainer and MC and has delivered lectures in the power of conscious language choices, communication styles, the benefits of storytelling for early childhood development and educates people in learning about their own personality strengths.
Monique is also a spokesperson for the website www.depression.org.nz

Monique and partner Pete Ward are the creators of the GET A LIFE platform – a website designed to help those who are interested in writing their new life story, just like they did.

This weeks topic is LOVE:
It says:
Choose Love. Let your love become a powerful force for change.
This is a great card.
Most of the clients I have been working with, training or coaching often talk about their initial meeting with me. Usually they have approached me because they have that ‘stuck’ feeling and often don’t know where to start to get themselves moving forward.
One of my key questions to help them get started is: what do you really LOVE?
Often we know all the things that we don’t like or are unhappy about in our lives – such as work,relationships,health, weight, money, life purpose, direction, life balance, family drama, intimacy….You get the picture.
And in that moment of chaos and confusion, we often forget that we have many sectors of our life that we also love and focussing on this passion and love can be the one key tool to turn you life around. I know this as I’ve experienced it in my own life and seen this happen successfully and very quickly with all of my clients.

When you focus on your love and your passion, studies show you naturally get healthier. All the do’s and don’ts of health information and education have less impact and positive outcomes unless you add a good dose of love for yourself! Do something everyday – just for you – that makes you smile!

When you see love happening in a good relationship, you see honesty, trust, acceptance of the uniqueness of each person, you see fun, understanding of differences, and forgiveness of failings. Each person is an individual that can be the fullest expression of themselves and encourages their partner to do the same. It’s beautiful when you see it or experience it and happens with great communication, compassion for your partner and love and acceptance of yourself.

Love of your work happens when you decide to do what it is that really spins your wheels. To choose a role that suits your natural personality traits and strengths, rather than trying to adapt yourself to being something you’re not. Not only will you more productive in the right role, studies show that happy and passionate people earn 3-4% more money! When people ask me what I do, I often reply ‘I do what I love and I love what I do’.
Do you feel that right now you could say the same thing? If not, what are you going to do about it?

If you want to feel better, consider how much you love your body. Are you constantly berating your appearance, your love handles, your stretch marks, your spindly legs, your muffin top, your….
I know from my own experience that negative thoughts about our lives and our bodies sit within us as an old story. They create tension in our cells that basically put our cells into a state of dis-ease or disease. Your body NOW is the sum total of your past leading up to the present moment. You can start today by consciously choosing your thoughts and finding love for your body which in turn, helps you write a new story, triggers you to make positive conscious choices that will benefit you and creates the body and the health you want for the future. And again, I speak from experience.

You my friend, are at the centre of your Universe. Your body, your work, your relationships and your life are an outward extension of your inner world so begin by finding love for yourself. This could be as simple as trying one of my very powerful affirmation cards, to activate the area of your life that you want to add more love and joy too or doing something for yourself everyday that is just for you.

As you make conscious choices, your sense of personal power returns, releasing stressors, you breathe better, you move better, digest your food better, relax more deeply, and develop greater self-awareness. The results are more love, more joy and more happiness spilling over into every sector of your life.
So, let your love become a powerful force for change, see the magic happen and your happiness levels explode.
Do what you love and love what you do!

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