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Monique Bradley Finding Happy Ask Me Anything

Monique Bradley Finding Happy Ask Me Anything

With Pete Ward

This week Monique Bradley and co-creator of www.getalife.net.nz, Pete Ward answer YOUR questions about work, conflict, dealing with negative people, values, personality types, life purpose and weightloss and nutrition! This video shares information about Monique Bradley’s own life changing experiences and ways that she shares her knowledge with her personal empowerment clients.

To book a personal empowerment session: http://getalife.net.nz/about-us/work-…

To learn more about personality types: http://getalife.net.nz/about-us/resou…

To take a look at Monique’s powerful affirmation cards: http://getalife.net.nz/about-us/resou…

Monique Bradley (BA) was first published at the age of 12 and is a multi award winning actor, singer, children’s entertainer and MC and has delivered lectures in the power of conscious language choices, communication styles, the benefits of storytelling for early childhood development and educates people in learning about their own personality strengths. Monique is also a spokesperson for the website www.depression.org.nz Monique and partner Pete Ward are the creators of the GET A LIFE platform – a website designed to help those who are interested in writing their new life story, just like they did. www.getalife.net.nz
Monique and Pete are also the brains behind STARLIGHT MEDIA HOUSE: The story people, helping you tell your story.
AND you can find their stories in music form:

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