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Matador Educational Toys Christmas Special

Matador Educational Toys Christmas Special 2016

Grab your Christmas toys early and feel prepared this year.  Matador educational toys are a fantastic learning experience for children.  We love these toys so much and Miss Leah shares her positive view of them too in our quick interview at Shore City Takapuna recently.

The Edutainment Factory have secured a special price for Christmas 2016, order them now directly from the YourFixTV Marketplace and we will have them sent straight out to you.

About Matador

A little workshop in Vienna’s 4th district created the first MATADOR wooden construction kits more than 110 years ago. The concept behind them was based on precision-drilled wooden blocks, connecting rods and wheels that could be put together to create a whole host of different machines, vehicles, and so on, then taken apart again. And it’s a concept that remains unchanged today.

Building on this brilliant idea MATADOR wood kits are still produced in Austria from domestic hardwood from sustainably managed forests. With the “ear” on the toy market we create, in the MATADOR technology, attractive system kits for different age groups and levels of difficulty.

MATADOR construction kits encapsulate the creativity innate in every child, and the desire to not only create, but also use renewable materials that are close to nature. Ranging from extra-large blocks for children aged 18 month and up – the age which they start consciously engaging with play – to functional construction elements for girls and boys aged 3 and up, our construction kits are made from high-quality hardwood from domestic forests.

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