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Social Broadcasting and Social Shopping

Yes, you can have your OWN Internet TV channel, playing YOUR content to YOUR audience, LIVE STREAMED, when ever YOU want.  We call this, SOCIAL BROADCASTING.   We link ALL of your social media and websites together and LIVE stream your broadcasts through ALL of them simultaneously (multi channel broadcasts).  This reaches more people on more platforms and allows you to create 1 digital asset you can use multiple times across all platforms.  And of course you can boost it through advertising after the stream meaning your content can reach even MORE potential customers in an ongoing manner.

Wo Are You?

Do You Have An Amazing Product?

Do You Have Specialist Knowledge In An Area?

Do you have a service that everyone needs, they just don’t know about you yet?

Are you competent speaking to a camera and audience? (Don’t worry, we train you too).

Have you tried all the standard social media marketing trends and fads and still no sales?

Do You Just Want MORE Sales?

We have the answer – We call it SOCIAL SHOPPING

What is Social Shopping

Social Shopping is utilising LIVE streamed content broadcast through social media channels directly to your audience, waiting to watch and purchase.  As you live stream, you present your product or service in the best possible light, allowing for interaction with the viewers as the message in to your broadcast.  You can answer them right on the stream – maybe show them that angle or lift up the product for a closer look – or you can go through the broadcast later and reply to each and every comment.  That makes YOU look like you care rather than just flogging a product.

Basically speaking, you are giving people the ability to purchase RIGHT in the newsfeed or chat WHILE you are LIVE.  Share the link to the ecommerce product as you are talking about it, some people even reply in the newsfeed quoting the product code and you can message them after the broadcast to arrange payment, however it works best for you.

Your Own Shopping Channel Online

It’s like a TV shopping network but it’s YOURS.  Your very own Internet selling machine.

We recommend you use studio broadcast quality cameras and equipment like we do, studies have shown the better the broadcast quality, the greater interest and eventually, increased sales.

You can come into our studio here in Auckland New Zealand where we have it all set up ready for you.  We include multi-camera, live mixed capture and LIVE stream for every broadcast.  And we have wireless mics and lights and everything you need.  Our “home styled” kitchen is always ready for you to demonstrate recipes, techniques and products whether you are a cook or right through to a masterChef judge (we have one of those who we do a regular broadcast for) Ray McVinnie

If you’re not in Auckland (our studio is on Karangahape Road) you can still have us set your channel up for you, all the technical and backend stuff can be done through the Internet (skype etc) and we can consult on the equipment you need to get started and also to grow.

What Verticals Work Best

  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Retail sales showing off the benefits of a product
  • Talk show formats
  • Interviews with guests
  • Other product demonstrations
  • Demonstrating or talking about a subject you are the expert in

How We Set Up Your Channel

First, every good online sales promotion MUST lead back to an ecommerce website where the sale will take place.  Links from this website are needed to each product you are selling during the LIVE stream.

Next, you need to focus your content onto 1 product at a time.

Of course you need the social media channels set up and ready to go.  We can help you with them if you need.

  • Facebook business page.
  • Youtube channel – it needs to be a “Brand” page not a personal login.
  • Instagram page to promote your live streams and sales links. (Instagram can do live streams but you can’t keep them afterwards).
  • A Periscope account to stream through connected to a Twitter account to spread the word.
  • A few other bits and pieces that we can talk through on the journey to you launching like a business LinkedIn to show off your amazing sales figures etc.

It’s Showtime

Once you have a good handle on your product and information as well as your social media platforms ready to go it’s time to plan your broadcasts.

Generally speaking the best timeframe that we have found is more than 15 minutes and less than 1 hour.  This gives your audience time to “tune in” but doesn’t leave on-demand viewers needing to skip through your 2 hours tying to find the good stuff.

Plan your content/presentation to be exciting and dynamic, introduce your self every 5 minutes and update your viewers on what you are doing and why you are on here (new people pop in and out all the time, help them understand what is going on).

Focus on the benefits of your solution rather than just the features.  Explain why they need it and how it will help them.

Always mention every few minutes there is a link in the comments for you to head to our website and purchase now.  Remember, they are watching t be helped so you owe it to them to give a call to action.

Of course try not to be cheesy or pushy, just be yourself and relax.  It’s ok to pause and it’s ok to take a drink to give a dramatic pause.

Try to answer as many peoples questions as you can, have the newsfeed and comments open on a computer beside you.

Training With Us

When you work with us, we can offer you training in all of the presentation and on broadcast sales techniques that help in converting sales.  We also have professional Social Shopping presenters who have a proven track record on TV shopping channels and online sales with hours and hours of broadcast time under their belts.

If you would rather be onscreen with one of our helpful sales presenters then just ask, we are more than happy to assist.  A fee may apply depending on the requirements and presenter.

The Technical Stuff

  • We use a Blackmagic Design (BMD) 4K production switch with 4 HDMI and 4 SDI inputs.
  • Our cameras are SDI PTZOptics and JVC + a GoPro over the stove cam.
  • We have a 40 inch TV as a monitor for program feed.
  • We use Qlab playout software on a Mac through HDMI into the BMD switch where we can play video and stills with or without audio.
  • Streaming is handled by OBS studio and BMD capture box into an iMac.
  • We have a fibre connection to the Internet at 10/100 (10Mb up/100 down).
  • Audio is a combination of Saramonic wireless lapel mics and condenser room mics for larger numbers of guests, run through a Mackie 12 channel mixer fed directly to the XLR inputs on the JVC camera.
  • Audio comes through SDI on the JVC camera feed into the BMD 4K production switch.
  • We also have an M-Audio device for voiceovers and we use Adobe suite (Audition) for all audio work along with Premiere for all video editing.
  • Our lighting is standard constant on softboxes of various sizes 5500K (approx).
  • We can also do Flat Lay videos as well, we have a wooden bench (light brown) and a white marble bench top.

PTZOptics Broadcast Quality Cameras

One of the best cameras we recommend is the PTZOptics camera.  It’s a Pan, Tilt, Zoom camera, like a robot camera, that you control with a remote.  We use an iPad app to run ours, it lets you or your techie change camera shots or set presets ready for you.  Instead of just a boring, straight to camera, now you can show multiple side to a demonstration, pan across the room, switch from interviewer to interviewee and so many more shots with just 1 camera.

It’s a broadcast ready camera, full HD 1080p with the possibility to use all 3 outputs at the same time, SDI, HDMI and network streaming through ethernet cable.  You can also upgrade it to NDI, the new specification from NewTek for network video over IP.

The pricing is very competitive and comparable to the JVC camera we use.

Disclaimer:  We are now registered resellers in New Zealand for the PTZOptics camera range.  Contact us if you want to know more information on taking your video broadcasts to the next level with Full HD Broadcast ready cameras.

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