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Social media advertising for small businesses, made easy

Tired of getting no results from your social media posts?

Are you wasting money on boosted posts and getting no returns?

Do you feel like social media is dead?

Well it kinda IS!

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Most people these days are only on social media to connect with friends and family - or watch funny cat videos - and the ONLY way to cut through the noise is with targeted and effective advertising.

The biggest challenge is: if you’ve tried advertising to your own followers, you’re already preaching to the converted. 

PLUS if you’ve tried to build your own audience from cold leads using FB or Instagram advertising, you’ll know how hard it is, how long it takes and how costly it can be, STILL WITH NO GUARANTEE OF RETURN.

That's why yourfixtv is different

Over the last 3 years we’ve worked to grow audiences, databases and a network of strategic partners across multiple verticals, who all have warm audiences of people ready to BUY.

These are people who have engaged with our video content or posts, been to trackable websites or signed up to numerous mailing lists to find out more about us, and what our partners offer. 

We’ve brought the whole lot together and now we’re ready to offer this to people like you: someone who has a great business, product or service and wants to grow their SALES.


What we know, from 10 years of working in digital promotions, is that every great sale starts with a warm LEAD, so if you’re ready to dip your toes in the water, increase leads to your website, your e-commerce store or into your physical store CONNECT NOW.

We have your ideal client…..waiting…..wanting to know where to spend their money. We’re ready to tell them about you.  

And the great thing is, it’s all done for you. It really is social media advertising for small businesses, made easy.

Advertising is totally unnecessary unless you want to make money!

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FastTrack Program

What Is The FastTrack Program?

The FastTrack Program allows small to medium businesses to take advantage of both ours and our partners audiences, IMMEDIATELY, leveraging you and your brand out to warm leads looking for solutions.

The bonus for you:

  • No big setup needed
  • No big setup fee
  • No yearly contract
  • Subscription makes it easy
  • Minimum campaign 3 months
  • One easy monthly fee
  • Access partner audiences 
  • One ad per campaign

The FastTrack Program utilises a combination of Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Google audiences to enable your brand to be seen across multiple platforms, targeted to your ideal client. We’re literally showcasing your brand, product, service or business directly to your dream buyer via the best advertising platform they carry around every day: their phone, tablet or computer.

Unlike TV, radio, print or billboards, we can give accurate data on how many people have been reached, engaged and converted into leads and by joining NOW, you could start seeing new leads and increased traffic tomorrow!

This really is the new way to advertise, so stop wasting money on boosted posts and lets connect you and get those leads rolling NOW!

fasttrack subscription

You Can Book Your FastTrack Online

You can book your FastTrack advertising subscription NOW online today through our website.  Simply check the requirements of the content we need from you for your advert and order online, book the program and pay online securely through the Stripe payment gateway.

Our Programs


Our FastTrack program is the perfect place for small and medium businesses to start advertising straight away with a simple monthly subscription plan.  Working through our partners brands, see your leads increase due to the power of recommendation from an upline idol with a reputation.

FastTrack PLUS

Build on the simplicity of the FastTrack program, allocate us access to your social media pages, and see the results flooding in through your brand.  Simple monthly subscription but with all the power of taking control of your brand's message directly and ensuring you still reach new leads.

FastTrack ULTRA

Our FastTrack ULTRA advertising subscription is for businesses who want to launch and manage multiple campaigns across their own channels, through our yourfixtv channel and our  partner channels.  Amplify the success of your FastTrack campaigns no matter what budget you have.

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