Milford Street Rejuvenation Project Seat Painting Interview Murray Hill 2019

Milford Street Rejuvenation Project Seat Painting Interview Murray Hill 2019 Meet Murray Hill, current manager for Milford Shops.  It's time to start the street rejuvenation project in conjunction...

Milford Shops TV helloworld The Travel Professionals Episode 1

Have you met the team at helloworld Milford? Meet Mary Buckley, owner of helloworld Milford, who recently supported the Vive La France Market Day. helloworld Milford are carrying...

Viva La France Market Day Milford 2019

Milford Viva La France Market Day 2019 Join us to celebrate Viva La France market day in Milford Auckland, New Zealand 2019. MC was Monique Bradley The day featured...

Itching To Travel? Check Out These Destinations!

0 you've got a gypsy in your soul and you're ready to see the world, start here! These videos courtesy of Expedia are absolutely amazing, showcasing...

100% Pure New Zealand – The Best Of New Zealand Tourism

0 the highest mountains, to the vibrant green sea, New Zealand is a picturesque wonderland for holidaymakers and kiwi's, proud to call it HOME. Whether you're a...

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