Low Carb Choc Top Recipe LIVE With IsoCream Ice Cream

Monique Bradley demonstrates her recipe for low carb choc top using IsoCream Vanilla low carb ice cream.

Watch the video from her live stream to see how simple it is to make. The recipe uses cocoa, coconut oil and natvia. Head over to her website to get the recipe:


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About Monique Bradley

Monique is a wellness influencer, MC, webTV host and TV presenter, having previously worked on the shopping channel Yes Shop as well as MC in the demonstration theatre at the New Zealand Food Show for over 15 years.  Monique has struggled with IBS symptoms and weight gain and loss on and off for over 25 years and it was only after being genetically tested she discovered much of her issue lay with being identified as carbohydrate intolerant.

Monique is now on her own journey to health and wellbeing and shares this journey with you through her blog, live streams, events and videos.

Her hashtag is #treatyoself as she believes by finding good treats to replace the bad treats, you find your own new normal and balance.  In fact, that’s te name of this series of low carb recipes.

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