The Dog & Pony Show Business Podcast: Episode 3. 3 Steps To Validate Your Online Business Idea

In light of what’s happening around the world with the business sector, shares and economy downturn brought on by the Covid-19 situation and people being urged to self isolate, how could this potentially affect your business?

In this Episode of The Dog & Pony Show, Digital Experts and Entrepreneurs Pete Ward and Monique Bradley discuss 3 steps to help you validate your online business idea.

  1. Is there a need in the market not just a want?
  2. Can you actually deliver on your idea?
  3. Use SWOT analysis as explained by Monique to help you make the decision of whether you should be going ahead with your business idea.

Need ideas and inspiration of how to diversify? Not sure where to start? Watch the podcast and reflect on whether your business can transition online and move forward with certainty.

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