The Dog & Pony Show Business Podcast: Episode 4. What To Do To Get Started With Your Online Business

In this Episode of The Dog & Pony Show, Digital Experts and Entrepreneurs Pete Ward and Monique Bradley discuss 3 steps to help you get started with your online business idea. You’ve made the decision that you will start up an online based business, what comes next? Where do you start?

  1. Do a brand review. Are you current and up to date?
  2. What platforms should I be on? Think like a fish and use the platforms where your fish are feeding, use the right bait.
  3. Create content Give it away for free to build brand awareness and engagement. Target them later with ads that you build from the audience who watched the video.


Download our top 20 tips for LinkedIn and access our bonus video, 3 things to change right now in LinkedIn profile.

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Need ideas and inspiration of how to diversify? Not sure where to start? Watch the podcast and reflect on whether your business can transition online and move forward with certainty.

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