Brooke Rachel Houia LIVE Variety and Fashion Show

Brooke Houia is a top 20 finalist in the 2017 Miss Universe New Zealand competition and held a Variety and Fashion Show called Diversity – Kanorau (kanorau is maori the translation).

Hosted by Monique Bradley and Gary Brown, Brooke’s show included collections from Simply Beautiful, Hard Out Kiwi, performances by Dennis Marsh and the finale collection by Cecillia Kang.  Models included the current Miss Universe NZ Tania Dawson and other Miss Universe previous and current entrants.

One of the highlights is the modelling debut of Leah Ward also known as Miss Leah, aged 12 in both the Hard Out Kiwi and Simply Beautiful collections.  Miss Leah has her own Youtube channel as well and appears within the YourFixTV website. – Cecillia Kang

Miss Leah