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Social Broadcasting is the NEW TV! How we can work with you.

monique bradley guide to better shoppingSocial Broadcasting is the NEW TV! How we can work with you.

Hi, it’s Monique Bradley here from YourFixTV. Welcome to Social Broadcasting.

Social Broadcasting is the new TV. It enables viewers to interact with your brand across a variety of different social platforms, all at the same time. It’s cost effective and gives you greater marketing reach than ever before.

Here’s why I love Social Broadcasting.

Social Broadcasting aligns with my personal vision of creating a global broadcasting network, helping share real stories with the world. It combines my passion, my purpose and my gift as a storyteller, connecting brands, businesses, products and helpful content with people who want it, or NEED it! 

Visiting the Venus Network in Takapuna.

Today I visited the Venus Network in Takapuna and delivered a 6 minute presentation about YourFixTV and how Social Broadcasting can work to promote business, transform the effectiveness of webinars and education, sell products, brands and business in a way that previously was dominated by radio, print media or television. This content was streamed ‘as if LIVE’ from the YourFixTV studio by co-owner, producer and presenter for YourFixTV, Pete Ward.

How Social Broadcasting is different to TV, radio and print media.

The real differences with social broadcasting is interactivity and trackability, with broadcasts delivered directly to your ideal client. Finally people can engage with brands in a way that is not possible with television or print. Radio can be effective, but personally, I’m one of those people who prefers to use Spotify, choosing what I want to listen to on whichever device I choose. And when it comes to TV, well, I only stream content and seeing the changes in viewing behaviour and with the announcement of platforms such as ‘Youtube TV’, both Pete and I know that Social Broadcasting is the way forward.

Trackability is important for me when it comes to ROI for our clients. Unlike a traditional broadcast, this is not a scattergun approach – hoping people are at home ing TV at the right time. Social Broadcasting is targeted to your followers on your platforms, who are already interested in what you’re doing. As soon as your LIVE, your followers are alerted and Facebook in particular, goes out of it’s way to build your audience. The content delivered acts as a touch point and helps followers move further down your sales funnel. This is, in my opinion the best way to ‘sell, without selling’. 

So, take a look at the video so you can get a clearer idea of what Social Broadcasting is about. We know that we are some years ahead of the NZ trend…..and we love it. Nothing like innovative ideas and curiosity to peak your ideal clients interest!

Here’s the Facebook Version

Thanks to:

for your cameo appearances and for embracing Social Broadcasting!  It truly is the new TV.

Contact us directly to find out more and how we can work with you.

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