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How Social Broadcasting Can Work For You

Hi there! It’s Monique here – welcome to YOURFIX.TV and the new era of Social Broadcasting. We specialise in streaming and re-broadcasting TV style shows, product reviews, demonstrations and pre-recorded content – just like TV does – across multiple social channels, directly to where your ideal client is ing. We also make and deliver online advertising too.

Social broadcasting is the new tv, and is the best and most cost effective tool to advertise online. Every day, even major news and tv channels are now streaming to social platforms as they know, that’s where people are!

Viewer behaviour and their needs have changed

So let’s talk about you: How long do you spend every day or every week ing traditional TV? Having worked in Television, I’ve learnt over the years that viewer behaviour has dramatically changed. You may be aware that a large number of people are preferring to spend time streaming video on Netflix, Youtube and social channels like Facebook and Instagram. In fact chances are even if you’re ing traditional TV, you’re probably engaging in ‘Double Screening’: ing traditional TV and spending time scrolling through things on your phone, tablet or computer at the same time.

Ladies and gentlemen – you are not alone! At the heart of all humanity is a need for us all to CONNECT: and where the industrial revolution changed the way we manufacture and produce things, THIS IS THE SOCIAL REVOLUTION, embracing the need for us all to come together again and….be social!

Social broadcasting is about engaging people in conversation – in fact when we broadcast, I can see in real time how many people are ing, I can answer questions and post broadcast, I can promote streamed content – if I choose to – for even greater reach. If a broadcast is happening live, I can address and greet people by name, welcome viewers to the show and if I’m selling a product or service, answer any questions viewers may have. This helps remove the barriers to sale, and in our experience, the more you engage with people and the more helpful you appear, the more valuable you, your brand or service becomes to them.

Native imbed’s VS Social Broadcasting

If you’ve ever done a native imbed of a video into your Facebook timeline and noticed you’ve had very few views, that’s because the Algorithms in Facebook affect and manipulate what people see. It’s nothing personal. Facebook is a business. It wants you to pay to have your video boosted and show up in your ideal clients timelines.

With Social Broadcasting, when we go LIVE, FB alerts people connected to the page we are streaming from and helps build your audience. This gives you greater organic reach and is an extremely cost effective option.

How we are different

Traditional TV, radio and print is a one way conversation. Live streaming with us gives your viewers the chance to engage and connect with the presenter, brand or product plus – as we broadcast across multiple channels at the same time – you instantly have greater reach than your single channel alone. WIN. More eyes, means more potential leads.

Want to make it look like TV and have multiple cameras with close ups on products? Want to add slides from a powerpoint into your LIVE?

You can’t do that from a phone, tablet or computer.

We have done the research and testing, invested in the technology and developed the strategies to make this happen easily and effectively for you – and let me tell you – Educators, this will take your ‘webinars’ to a whole new level!

We give your viewers a TV style experience at a fraction of the cost of traditional TV, delivered in an authentic and interactive way. Plus the bonus of using social channels is that you can encourage your fans and followers to like and share your content, or invite their friends to the broadcast and BOOM! Your organic reach skyrockets. Your job is to ensure that you share content that is VALUABLE enough for people to be interested in and recommend to their peers!

Virtual Live Classrooms: The new evolution in education

We deliver Virtual Live Classrooms to closed groups (it’s the new evolution of education) ensuring your students gain access to your valuable knowledge, give them a platform to engage with you, the tutor, and meet their learning needs. In the meantime, your knowledge becomes a valuable resource that can be turned into PASSIVE INCOME. If that sounds of interest to you, we should probably talk.

How the magic happens

So, you’ve got a great product, brand or business, and you know you’re here to do something great in the world…..but you’re the world’s biggest secret….How do you cut through the loud social media and marketing world, compete with the big players and get your voice heard?

Social broadcasting is the way to do it. It’s the new wave of connecting yourself directly with your ideal client.

Pete and I make

  • TV style commercials
  • produce hosted TV style interviews and shows
  • deliver product demonstrations and live stream events

then broadcast that content across multiple social channels – which is where your ideal client sits, or work with you on your Virtual Live Classroom.

As soon as we go LIVE – even if we’re broadcasting pre-recorded content, everyone connected to that page is alerted, grabbing their attention. There’s no hoping that people are at home in front of their TV ing, because with social broadcasting, your client is alerted, can engage with the broadcast and can on multiple devices and platforms, where ever they are! Even from the car, or a cafe!

Social Broadcasting is about having a conversation, which builds trust and encourages your ideal client to know you are the expert. We can also supply statistics on how many people have seen you and your brand and the numbers that comment, like and engage with a broadcast.

Even better, you don’t have to pay the thousands of dollars that print media, radio or TV charges and we’re not geo-blocked to NZ – Once we broadcast, you and your message are GLOBAL.

So: we asked one of our clients what he thought of social broadcasting:

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/?v=puxZ9eY07nk[/embedyt]


FYI: You can check out Ray’s broadcasts HERE every Tuesday at 6.30 p.m (NZ time) 

Ray made a good point there. Are you freaking out about making TV or going live? Not sure what to say? Lucky for you, that’s my expertise. I started training for this from the age of 8, so if you’re not comfortable on camera, I can ‘sell you’ through interview style segments and show the world how amazing you are. Personal recommendations like that work the best, right?

So, if you’re ready to be the Masterchef or expert in your arena and you’re ready to share your knowledge, expertise or your products and services with the world, this is your opportunity to do so!

Social Broadcasting is the new TV. Be a leader in the new media and your business grow.

Start your conversation with us now.


Monique Bradley is a multi award winning actor and singer, co-owner, producer, director and presenter for YourFix.TV, Social Broadcasting expert, NZ TV presenter, MC, voiceover artist, devoted foodie and media personality.

Welcome to YourFixTV. Where you get the very best locally created content and amazing on demand shows. Grab Your Fix Today!

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