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Building Your Brand Using Social Broadcasting

Building Your Brand Using Social Broadcasting

Social Broadcasting – or as we like to call it “The New TV” – is slowly but surely taking over the media space as the next big thing to happen to moving media.  As more and more potential customers consume an ever increasing amount of video content, the question becomes:

How do I get my brand in front of those consumers of media but in the most cost effective way possible?

To understand how you can use Social Broadcasting as a way to promote your brand through us, let me use an example.

Ray McVinnie Former Masterchef judge from the New Zealand series of the hit TV show, Masterchef.

We started broadcasting with Ray McVinnie October 2016.  Since then he has been regular on a Tuesday night at 6.30 pm NZ time.  When he was away for a few weeks, we simply did an encore broadcast of some of his most popular recipes.

Ray films in his home kitchen, having said that, it certainly is a home kitchen worthy of a celebrity chef and judge of the Masterchef series of up and coming chefs such as Nadia Lim, Chelsea Winter, Brett Mcgregor, Jax Hamilton and so many more.

Ray likes to keep it informal and also keeps to time extremely well, his recipes are available on his website at the start of the cooking demonstration and co-host Monique Bradley, as well as engaging with Ray, also engages directly with the viewers of the show.

To do this, Monique fields the questions coming in from the multiple Facebook pages that the broadcasts are syndicated through including Bite NZ, part of the New Zealand Herald (owned by NZME.), Ray’s own page, the YourFixTV page and Fresh and Seasonal.  Monique maintains the fast pace of the broadcast through her 15 years of working as MC of The Food Show here in New Zealand.  Monique answers back through the camera, repeating the questions and referring them to Ray who then answers as he cooks.  Many times Monique asks the very questions that the viewers were waiting for as the comments flood in thanking her for being their voice in Ray’s kitchen.

Equipment And Crew

And speaking of the camera, the crew is made up of Pete Ward who runs everything in the backend off a single Macbook and ensures the sound is right, the lights are bright, the stream is good and the camera is focussed.  Often Ray invites Pete by name to come over to the stove and view the cooking up close, highlighting the relaxed informal nature of Social Broadcasting, resulting in greater engagement with the audience ing on a variety of devices and platforms at the other end.

More recently Ray McVinnie’s live Social Broadcast has been simulcast through:

  • 4 facebook pages
  • 2 youtube channels
  • Afreeka TV
  • Periscope
  • Instagram

Perfect For Brand Exposure And Sponsorship

There is also the possibility to broadcast through a sponsors page as well, as witnessed during the Ceylon Tea 150 year celebration broadcast that went out through the Dilmah International Facebook page, YourFixTV, Dilmah NZ and several Youtube channels reaching a global audience immediately  with organic reach through Facebook of around 800,000. Yes that is 800K organic reach of a single 45 minute LIVE stream in around 30 minutes.  This reach continued across all timezones within the next 24 hours as the celebration moved around the world.

What Has This Achieved – 7.5 Million People Reached

Obviously this had achieved outstanding reach in the number of people who have been exposed to the brand of Ray McVinnie and by inference, YourFixTV, BiteNZ and Monique Bradley.  We are talking in the vicinity of 7.5 MILLION unique people through Facebook alone since October 2016.  Let me say that again, ALL of the above brands have been seen by 7,500,000 unique people at least 1 time during the past year. And all for the paltry cost of a 30 minute LIVE streamed cooking demonstration with a single camera, 2 microphones, a single operator, some food and produce costs, a standard fibre Internet connection, a Macbook pro and a whole load of fun (not to mention we all get to taste the final product afterwards).  And of course the jewel in the crown, 2 EXTREMELY talented presenters without whom, this would be a complete disaster.

Promotion Of Your Brand’s Searchability

Ray was also non-existent on social media and without a website when we started working with him.  The reason for this is, even though he is a well know celebrity chef throughout the world, his brand was “owned” by others.  Many of the publications and companies he had done work for ranked higher in Google’s search ranking.  Since building his website, social media pages and starting the Social broadcasting weekly shows, he has gone from page 18 on Google search to Number 2 on the FRONT PAGE of google.  Tell me a brand that doesn’t want that.

Self Branded Content Created The “Easy” Way

Social Broadcasting and LIVE streaming is the fastest, simplest and most cost effective way of creating self branded content for YOUR brand.  There is no other way you can put together a branded video which is basically your very own 30 odd minute television commercial (TVC) but at a fraction of the cost of going to TV.  Even a 30 second TV advert will set you back thousands to make and then there is the thousands of dollars to place the ad into the ad spaces.  And remember you need to run it a minimum of 15 times to start  getting it seen.  With Social Broadcasting, once you have made it, you can BOOST it through Facebook or Youtube, even spending $1000 will guarantee you get greater reach and more views than TV.

Are You Ready To Start Social Broadcasting?

So, are you ready?  Is it time for YOUR brand to reach out to MILLIONS of people who are waiting to consume YOUR message?

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If you can see the sense of the amazing new concept in advertising YOUR message to as many people as possible in the most cost effective way possible then it sounds like it’s time to get in touch with us at YourFixTV and start Social Broadcasting.  You can do that HERE:

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