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We Make LIVE Social TV Shows
We produce LIVE Web TV shows for the Internet.  YOURFIX.TV is a Social Broadcaster and the home of Social Shopping.  We serve brands and influencers, we build brand awareness AND we help make sales.  Our audiences can message in - in real time

Find Out How Social TV can Help Grow Your Business

What Is Social TV?

social TV

Social TV is the new TV.  It replaces the static broadcasts of the traditional model where you can only sit and watch with the NEW model where YOU can interact directly with the broadcast through social media channels, ALL IN REAL TIME - LIVE.

How Do We Make Social TV?

Our Studio

We have our studio space in Auckland, New Zealand where we film the majority of our content.  We use a multi camera setup and have 3 main sets to use:

  • Kitchen - Standard white home kitchen
  • Couch - Interview and panels
  • White Wall - Stand up or sit down demo
live streaming
live streaming

Our Process

We focus on content marketing by making LIVE streamed productions  - which we like to call Social Broadcasting - that go out through multiple social media channels including the presenter and the brand we are working with. 

Our Channels

 Of course all content is also broadcast through YOURFIX.TV social channels such as Facebook, Youtube, Periscope and more.  We call this ubiquitous marketing.

shopping channel
watching tv

Our Audience

Our audiences message in through these channels in REAL TIME allowing the presenter to respond directly to them through the broadcast, LIVE.  We've reached over 8 million people online with our broadcasts in the last more than 2 and a half years.  OUR audience is YOUR audience.

How Does Social TV Work For You?


We start with the YOURFIX.TV Network which is where we manage the overall production and distribution of content, presenter, advertising and social media promotion.  The Network manages the interactions between brands and channels that we offer along with organising the schedule of broadcasting and the selection of presenters should you need them.

yourfixtv internet channel


The YOURFIX.TV Channels are the basis of audience targeting.  Each channel we focus on brings the ability to work with influencers and presenters in a given niche.  These verticals can span several audience blocks or focus directly on a single audience through the influencers social media channels. 

YOUR Channels

We also broadcast across the multiple social media platforms of our brands and our presenters channels to maximise reach, engagement and reach the widest audience possible.  

social media channels

How To Work With Us

Content Marketing

We use LIVE and pre recorded video content, blogs, websites, social media channels, graphics, photos and so many other channels to build you as an influencer to your target market.

Promotion And Advertising

Social media promotion and targeted Facebook, Google and Youtube advertising is the most effective way to get your message out there to as many people as possible and keep control of your budget.

Mentoring Sessions

When you need the support, we give it to you.  We spend time with you to transfer our knowledge to you, enabling you to become the best representative of your own brand you can be.

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