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We create, broadcast and promote quality New Zealand made content across multiple Internet channels and platforms.


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We build demand for your company, brand, product and services by helping you fill your pipeline with new leads through content production and social media advertising, a valuable part of the sales funnel process.  We introduce YOU to our audience who are waiting to engage.

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We have multiple channels across multiple platforms that you can access to watch our shows or advertise to our audience!

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Video Production

Superb content creation from corporate videos to live stream studio production and live events.

Online Broadcasting

Publish your content on the Internet through our channels or we can help you set up your own.

Digital Advertising

The Internet is a digital billboard, waiting to get your advertising in front of your ideal customer.

Video Production

We create a range of video content suitable for YOUR business!

Corporate Videos

corporate video

We capture your corporate brand content with finesse and respect.  We understand your message needs to be concise and professional and your personnel need to connect to the audience in an authentic way.  Communication done right.

Advertising Videos


From 6 second videos for pre-roll through to social media advertising videos of various lengths up to 2 minutes that can showcase products, brands services and ready for facebook, Youtube, websites and other channels.  Drive sales through videos.

Event Videos


Every event is different yet in some ways, the same. Action, food shots, speeches, excitement, We capture it all for you to showcase your event and use the video to promote the event through social or for the next event to build a new audience .

Live Streamed Videos

live streaming videos-kitchen

Live streaming or social broadcasting as we call it, allows you to interact with live audience and build engagement while you are live.  Of course it is great to drive video views after the live has finished as well.  Live videos are great to boost sales as well. 

SME Business Videos

hello world

SME's or small to medium enterprises have unique needs, they need to look like the "big boys" but may come with budget limitations.  We can work with ANY budget to ensure you reach your target market and sales goals through various video content types. 

Brand Story Videos

brand story video

Brand story videos are  a necessary tool to ensure customers can connect to your brands "why".  Sharing your story helps build trust and engagement and we can assure you, our messaging and visual story telling will bring the best results for you. 

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Who Is is based in Auckland New Zealand. provides an end-to-end solution for your business, audience marketing, videography and production, live streaming and content publishing, presentation to camera as well as messaging and branding for online social media advertising.  

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