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choose your fix is the ultimate content marketing machine for your business, your brand and your products.


By combining content creation, online publishing and media buying through online digital advertising campaigns, you can be sure that your offering will be the MOST seen, MOST watched and MOST remembered content, reaching the widest target audience possible online across all of our online channels.

The only limit is how far YOU want to go!

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Video Production

Superb content creation from corporate videos to live stream studio production and live events.

Online Broadcasting

Publish your content on the Internet through our channels or we can help you set up your own.

Digital Advertising

The Internet is a digital billboard, waiting to get your advertising in front of your ideal customer.

Our Shows

Watch all of our shows - live streamed or on demand - here on

Who Is is based in Auckland New Zealand. provides an end-to-end solution for your business, videography and production, live streaming and content publishing, presentation to camera as well as messaging and branding for online social media advertising.  

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